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Generic Xenical: indications
Xenical is a medication that contains an active ingredient called orlistat.
You may get xenical generic or branded for maintaining your weight and treating obesity. The drug acts by blocking some fats a person eats, making them leave the body without being absorbed. Patients with certain conditions (hypertension, diabetes, high triglycerides, etc.) are at a higher risk of becoming obese. These categories of patients are often recommended to buy xenical to control their weight.

A patient may also be advised to get brand name or generic xenical to be used for other purposes.

Generic Xenical: contraindications
Before you buy xenical online, make sure you can safely use it. Appeal to a medical specialist, if you have any doubts. You should not use the medication if you are pregnant. The med is in FDA pregnancy category X. This means it can harm a fetus. Xenical helps a person reduce weight, while during pregnancy it is not recommended. Moreover, the drug also prevents the absorption of certain vitamins, which may be required for the right development of a fetus. Nursing mothers aren’t candidates for using xenical, too.

The medicament is also contraindicated to patients with any kind of gallbladder problems or problems with absorbing foods and nutrients.

Generic Xenical: precautions
Before you decide to purchase orlistat you should know that this medication may develop negative interactions with certain conditions. Both branded and generic orlistat may badly interact with:
•liver disease;
•kidney stones;
•an underactive thyroid;
•kidney disease;

So before you decide to order xenical, consult a medical professional – you may get special directions or a dosage adjustment.

Generic Xenical: administration
After you get your orlistat generic or branded, read a medical guide attentively, especially the paragraph that covers dosage issues and the scheme of taking the med. Follow the instructions strictly. Never take more of the medicine than you should, as this may lead to overdosing and developing of severe side effects. Do not skip your doses, as in such a case the treatment may bring a zero result. All questions concerning your treatment should be directed to your healthcare professional.

You should understand that after you buy orlistat and start taking it your weight won’t start melting immediately. To achieve desirable and stable results you should follow a complete program that also involves exercising and following a special diet.

Usually the medicine is taken 3 times per day with food or within 1 h after having a meal. The drug is taken only with fatty foods. If your meal is skipped or doesn’t contain fat, a dose of xenical should also be skipped.

After you start using xenical purchase some vitamin complexes if your healthcare professional recommends to. As the medicine reduces the amount of fat absorbed by the body, fat-soluble vitamins are also absorbed in smaller amounts. So to avoid vitamin deficiency while taking orlistat buy supplements that have vitamins A, D, E, K. A medical specialist will help you to choose the best type of supplement that suits you. Remember that supplements should be taken at bedtime or 2h before/after taking the drug.

Generic Xenical: missed dose
If it happens so that you missed your dose, take it as soon as you remember, but do not take the med if 1 h has already passed after you had your meal. Never take double doses to make up the missed one. Remember that missed meal means your dose should be also missed.

Generic Xenical side effects
After you buy orlistat online, please, get acquainted with the list of possible side effects just to know how to respond to them if they occur.

You should stop using the drug and appeal to medics immediately if you experience:
•weight gain;
•problems with urination;
•increased thirst;
•loss of appetite;
•swelling of any part of your body;
•clay-colored stools;
•upper stomach pain;
•fast heart rate;
•difficulty breathing;
•blood in the urine;
•mood changes;
•lower back pain;
•dark urine;

The most common side effects that do not need medical attention (the treatment should be continued) and mean that the drug works correctly, include:
•an oily discharge;
•increased bowel movements;
•fatty stools;
•difficulties in controlling bowel movements;
•stomach pain;
•oily spotting in the undergarments;
•loose stools;
•gas with discharge;
•urgent need to use the bathroom;
•brown/range colored oil in the stool;
•rectal pain.

Some other side effects that may occur during using xenical, include:
•back pain;
•mild skin rash;
•sore throat;
•teeth or gums problems;
•stuffy nose;
•cold and flu symptoms.

Generic Xenical: drug interactions
After you purchase xenical, tell your healthcare provider of all meds you are using, before you start the treatment. The drug may badly interact with the following medicines:
•digoxin (Lanoxin, digitalis, Lanoxicaps);
•diabetes medications;
•cyclosporine (Neoral, Gengraf, Sandimmune);
•blood thinners;
•levothyroxine (Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothroid);
•supplements that contain vitamin E or beta carotene.

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